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 Administration Format

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PostSubject: Administration Format   Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:40 am

First of all: This is the Administrator application form which you can apply for it if you're fulfil the requirements below. The following questions have to be answered truely and in full proper English sentences. This application form is granted for ALL servers.

Additional: There are some test questions you've to fill out, with this we will see if you've enough knowledge for becoming Administrator. See it as your finally examination.


- having moderator status at the Server/Forum (minimum 4 weeks.)
- atleast YOU are very active at Server! (atleast 10-15 hours/weekly)
- being very active at the Forum (atleast 4-6 hours/weekly)
- knowledge for moderating Forum/Server
- knowledge with making Annoucements
- the Staff is very positive about YOU!
- atleast having 250 posts at the Forum!
- assertiveness in any kind at the Forum/Server!


1.0 Details about yourself:

Your Real name:

Where do you live?:

Your USGN and USGN name?:

How old are you?:

Whats your Skypename?(create if don't have):

How many languages do you speak?:

How well is your English?(rate from 1 to 10):

1.1 Experience/Moderating questions:

Can you explain me what a Administrator have to do?(about minimum 5 full sentences):

Why do you want to become Administrator?:

Have you Knowledge about how to moderate a whole community?

Why we should accept you as an Administrator?:

Have you ever had your own community or was in any others?(if yes tell us about it):

1.2 Special skills as Administrator:

Have you knowledges at Forumscripting?:

What skills do you have as an Administrator?:

What could you contribution to improve our community?:

Do you having any experience with Windows or Linux VPS's?:

1.3 Test: What would you do in this Situation?

Question I: You see that a Player is insulting/flame other Player, what are you gonna to do?

Question II: You see at the Server that a Mod/Adm is kicking/ban players for her/his own purposes, what are you gonna to do?

Question III: You see someone who is violate often our rules, what are you gonna to do?

Question IV: If a client is sending you a private message for helping him, what would you do in this moment?

1.4 Test II: Cross your answers, what you would do:
(just leave a "x" inside the ,,()" answer, its also possible to cross more answers as one)

Question I: A player is going to hack on the Server!
1) Ban him! ()
2) Ban and report him to the Administrators of it! ()
3) I do nothing else ()
4) Use the report command ()

Question II: A Client is writing you for helping him on a problem
1) I will see what he want, then i'm going to help him with this what he's requesting ()
2) I send the private message to the Owners of the community ()
3) I answer truely my own mind but didn't help him on his problem ()
4) I ignore his message and block him fortunately ()

Question III: Help me! I have lost my datas from the Server!
1) I ignore him! ()
2) I ask him what he has lost and contact the Owner by solving this problem ()
3) I am forward the message to the Owner and see what he's going to do. ()
4) I go to the Server and give him this what he has lost. ()

1.5 Your last words:

Your last words:


If some informations are missing you've the period of the next 2 hours after posting your application. In this timeline, if the missed informations aren't filled your application will be automatically refused. Please use a proper and understandly english and write in full sentences. The Admins keeps the right the change the forumrules everytime if they want to do that. We take evidenced out that if you aren't a VIP/Moderator or an Administrator you can't vote. If you have been refused you've to wait 7 days for applying again.
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Administration Format
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